manufacturer of brass component, brass nut and bolts, brass parts, electrical brass components, brass neutral links and bars, brass screw, brass cable glands, brass sanitary parts, brass sanitary fittings, brass anchors and any other brass parts and components.

Dev Mettals

About Us


Dev Metals, Rajkot (Gujarat, INDIA) was established in the year 2009 by Mr. Prakash Mehta and son Mr. Karan Mehta, as a Subsidiary Firm of the famous M/s Active Enterprises Group, Jamnagar (Gujarat) which, for past 21 Years, is engaged in manufacturing and exporting high quality non-ferrous metal components and wiring accessories and precision metal components at its two manufacturing plants located at Jamnagar.

The products manufactured include: Brass Cable Glands, Hose Fittings, Turned Parts, Stainless Steel Fittings, Fasteners, Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Cable Lugs, Electrical Accessories etc as per national and international quality standards. which are accepted and sold / exported to highly developed markets in India and several other countries.

The promoters have upto 25 years experience in the same line of manufacturing and supply / trading business from Jamnagar, the Refinery Capital of India and Mecca of Brass Parts and Components since Independence of India in 1947.

We Salute Mother India as the largest living Democracy and Free Nation with 8% yearly Growth Rate, one of the highest in the world today and next only to China's 9% Growth Rate.


Dev Metals caters to the Brass and Stainless Steel Components / Parts requirements of a variety of Engineering, Process (Pumps, Valves, Piping, Fittings, Sleeves, Brackets, Pins etc), Architectural, Glass and other industries.

Our markets are both domestic (India) as well as Exports to Middle East, Asia, Africa etc which we would like to cater through well established and leading Exporters. Our products also have good demand in Latin America, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia, we believe, due to quality and economic considerations like competitive costs and timely delivery.


At Dev Metals, we manufacture as per customer's drawings with or without samples and get feedback through our samples (at small / actual cost to customers). Once the product (sample) quality is approved by the customer, we supply exactly as per the approved sample and within given time, barring unforeseen circumstance or acts of nature.

We can match almost all quality standards, subject to pre-confirmation.

Order Size

Before accepting orders, we discuss the same at our unit and communicate the time needed to complete the order cycle. If the customer agrees, we then accept an order. The order quantity depends on the customer and our ability to supply at a given time, payment terms and other terms of supply.


The products are sent by road / rail / air transport as per the customer specifications. We do not have fixed transport contractors and do not charge commission from the transporters.


"Dev" aims to build-up its strength and fulfilling its vision to be more competitive in Non-Ferrous and ferrous Metal Components as well as foregings and on later stage developing a fully equipped manufacturing facilities in-house supported with employing innovative processes and dedicated work force for customer delight.


"Dev Metals" committed to supply quality products within required schedules at fair rates. Its aim not only to satisfy the customers with its quality products but also to provide the idea to minimize their production cost. To achieve its target to involve technocrat people to continue in improving the system and the quality product.